It's been FOREVER--happy 2k9.

1. I'm going vegetarian. Not vegan, since I don't have that Green Lantern level of self-control, but I truly believe it is the healthier diet. Plus, it's an excuse for me to eat more indian food.

2. Quitting smoking for good--I know I don't smoke hardly at all, but I'm still not fond of it. No cold turkey this time though--I'm riding the Nicorette, lozenge, patch-lovin' train all the way to the end. (see Green Lantern in comment #1)

3. I love my wife. I love my friends. I'm very, very fortunate to have both.

3. 2008 was a great year job-wise, and a good year for personal closure. Things will be better in 2k9.

4. Hope your New Year is good, and that Christmas is great.